Waves.One Node

Pool name:

Address for leasing:



Payment policy:
100% of all fees + donated bonus tokens and payments are done on the first day of each month.

Pool Representatives:

The waves.one node was created by a Brazilian, but the server is in the United States.

Feature voting policy:
vote yes to all that good for decentralization and expanding network

Other Details:
By renting your WAVES to waves.one node you will be helping to keep the https://cryptodont.io services. That are some decentralized and open source networks!

  1. Mastodon (substitute for twitter)
  2. Matrix (substitute for the telegram)

More information on: https://waves.one/projetos

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We already have a payment made: http://wavesexplorer.com/tx/7z1ia6t71vgCoEsBWkfj4wp4ByP3bjFNbHnGbSp4xsjg

Congratulations on your role in the community!

I follow your admiration for the Waves project from the beginning and I already have some waves on your node :facepunch:t3::rocket:

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The node WAVES.ONE will be shut down, I ask everyone to cancel your lease, unfortunately after the approval of the inflationary system in waves will not support something I do not agree, thank you all!

Hi, will you set one up and pay 100% in my asset? that means buying in with waves that are paid into my asset and paying out my asset which is a limited supply for my project therefore raising money for the project easily, and iā€™d add being limited supply would fit better with your belief system, therefore increasing the WTIP price to waves consistently.