Waves Platform Book

Why not commission or pay advance, if he is amenable, to Andreas M. Antonopoulos to write a book, ‘Mastering Waves Platform’.
The kudos and marketing opportunities, as well as encouraging developers into Waves & Vostok applications development will be gold dust.
I can’t think of a better ROI for a promotional spend.
Plus, I would obviously browse on Amazon and buy myself a copy!

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I’ve never heard that name.

Maybe Elon Mask would be a better choice?

Rofl - he very famous in Blockchain. He wrote ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ amongst others. I expect Sacha and Ilya have personal copies!

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This book is not available for free, right?

Exactly - book would be sold.
However Waves Platform could use them for marketing purposes - giving them out at crypto devcons etc.

By the way, did you read it?

Yes, 1st Ed, it was very good and complete.

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Hi, guys! All versions are free. Only paper book would be sold. https://github.com/bitcoinbook/bitcoinbook

Dr. Andreas M. Antonopoulos wrote another amazing book “Mastering of Ethereum”.

it would be awesome if we had WavesBook (Mastering of Waves).

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Might be useful for developers

Agree. Waves ecosystem is becoming vast pulling in disparate disciplines. A book to prime developers & integrators would be awesome. Amazon would get my preorder, no doubt whatsoever.