Waves Raffle - Lease to Win

Pool name: Waves Raffle

Address for leasing: 3PJwnPFaP8N1EumY2GrrssDfGsuUw2J5y1B
Alias: wavesraffle

Website: https://www.waves-raffle.com

What’s the idea behind? How can you benefit from it?

Join the Waves Raffle node to strength the Waves ecosystem and win weekly 100 Waves.

Does it cost anything = No

Lease at least 100 Waves to address: wavesraffle

100 Waves = 1 Waves Raffle ticket

E.g. You want 10 raffle tickets so lease 1000 Waves. The more you lease the higher the chance to win the prize.

Winner including transaction ID will be announced here.

As active lessor, you automatically take part in every raffle.

Join now - Lease To Win :sunglasses:

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE6dCvZWgczbdYmXmw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WavesRaffle

We made already a good start and got some lessors, who are willing to win the prize of 100 Waves.
Who will win the Waves Raffle prize?
Join us

  • Lease at least 100 Waves and win the prize
  • help to strength the Waves ecosystem