Waves should be doing what Enjin is doing in Unity

I do not really like Enjin because its on Etherium and other things, but one thing they have going is they are targeting the right people, game devs.

Here is their SDK on the Unity Store. (check out the screenshots etc)


Instead of waves focusing on funding gambling browser apps (zzzz…) there needs to be stuff like this. Most popular games are made in Unity. There are over a million Devs from what I understand.

I’m a BIG investor in waves and I also like to make games in unity. Its been kinda frustrating TBH.
I think gaming is a slam dunk for this tech.


Waves can eat their lunch.

I’m not promoting enjin just trying to light a fire under the waves devs ass.

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Hey Billybob,

Thanks for sharing your opinion. There is not much publicity so far, but you might have already noticed that Waves is less about hype and more about the product. We’re promoting things that are done and ready to be used, as sometimes features and products morph on the go.

Anyway, since of your interest, let me share something - right now we’re working on complete tokenization ecosystem - game developers would be able to:

  • Easily create a tokenized item via our tokenization tool
  • Smoothly integrate it into the game using an SDK
  • Let users interact with an item via Metamask (web \ mobile) and in-game wallet
  • Let users trade it on the item store

Besides, NFTs are one of the cornerstones of today’s blockchain gaming and it’s coming soon too :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in developing a game that would include Waves blockchain - just reach out to us, we could help you make it happen!


Thanks for reply.

I’m wondering if there is a unity sdk in the works. It seems waves is pushing more for browser based stuff. Maybe I’m trying to develop game on wrong coin

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check the github:

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I also think there should be a Unity SDK.