Waves transaction Sponsoring

is it possible to sponsor transaction fees:

asset relation (making x amount of transactions free for asset xyz)

wallet related (making x amount of transactions free to Wallet abc for asset xyz)

the later one could come in handy when a tokens IT system needs to be updated, in certain szenarios.


sponsored transactions do exist, I pay for the fees for token x

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thx a lot mr turtle

and how can someone do such a token sponsoring? who do i have to talk to?

Open Waves Client, go to Portfolio, on the right side of the screen click on the 3 points of your token and enable sponsorship (only if you are the issuer of that token).

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so i have to be careful eternally to keep that issuer account now to be able to do that?


If i remember well, there is a thread where someone was proposing to allow sponsorship to non-issuers.

would be useful,for those token issuers, that have to be flexible with their cookies, their browsers, their computers, and their location