Waves unpined

in the last update of my Waves DEX it is unpinned waves asset from my wallet. what can I do for resolving it?


Hello. What do you mean by unpinned? If you mean unpinned from dashboard then you can pin any asset again by press the “plus button” 123
Best regards, Waves Community Manager

when I press + button can not find waves asset by search to pin it again. what if I reinstall wave DEX? may I lose my account? or any other solution

The latest version of client (1.4.2) has no unpin option for Waves asset, so probably you faced some bug. Please report it to https://github.com/wavesplatform/WavesGUI/issues

And yes, you will not lose your account after reinstalling (just be sure you have your seed in the safe place)

у меня такая же проблема…то есть не такая уж и проблема конечно…но некоторое неудобство присутствует…