Waves wallet branding for a custom token

Good day,

I would like to know :

  1. Whether the waves wallet can be branded (different look i.e for my company) for custom token created in WAVES.
  2. To achieve point 1, do I need to write my own wallet and embed it in our mobile solution that is integrated to the Waves wallet API, is this a possibility?

Please advise, your assistance is highly appreciated.


Very interesting questions :thinking:

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  1. yes it can…I know the old wallet has several custom builds…and I believe its possible with the new client …but I haven’t actually seen one :smiley:
  1. Yes it can, the old client is fairly easy. The new beta is also fairly easy to set up (just follow npm i and npm run server - requires a bit of tweaking especially as latest version (43) is using https2 under cloudflare), however - to change text etc it’s getting more complicated as Waves platform is using https://locize.com (which is btw a great solution, but requires more info).
    We launched our ICO today for the ultimate stablecoin CopyrightCoins (https://copyrightcoins.com The currency for royalties…) under beta.wavesplatform.com as they do a brilliant job for a long term Crowdsale as ours.

Thank you for the info, I will attempt your suggestion.

jes thats a good topic i wanted to ask it as well but thanks to the duplicate topics support i found this one, it might be possible to code a theme plug in on the waves wallet similar like the chrome or firefox browser.


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Yes, and I want to create a wallet or simplify (disassemble) the original one from Waves, so that in my wallet there is only one of my own token, so that I can send it and receive it.

Any progress on this front? Can we customise wallets without knowing coding etc. We are a community publication and have issued tokens on waves platform for our readers and advertisers. So just wondering if there’s a simple way for us to do a custom wallet on Waves platform :slight_smile:

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Very interesting question

I think it would be right to create a universal wallet. in which everyone can add their own token or any other token, as is done on the exchange. it would be very useful to have one wallet for the tokens you use.

Hi did you find a solution? If yes could you share it please.

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