Waves wallet reporting tool

I released my initial version of the Waves Wallet Reporter.
It gives you a filtered overview of the assets in your wallet that have a minimum total value.
It also filters out the spam tokens. The tool is available on my website Crypto Universe under Usefull Tools .
Here’s a direct link: Waves Wallet Tool

What’s the value;

  • Easy overview with your customized value threshold
  • Quick overview which are smart assets
  • No need to login to your wallet
  • Easy overview of valuable airdropped tokens

Feature requests and comments are welcome!

It’s safe and secure. No need for keys or passwords. It just queries public accessable information about your waves address.


Very interesting!

In my case it didn’t show all the tokens with a value greater than 0.01 Waves.
How do you take the value? Last trade or buy order? Last 24h?

You could consider:

  • A larger window where to show results
  • A better UI
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Hi there,

I take last price, but better should maybe be weighted average (both apply 24H interval in api). The problems you encounter I had sort of the same when I started.
But sometimes the api times out (service unavailable) if you fire all api requests wirespeed.
You should at least use a timeout, between every asset request.

And yes for sure the UI could be better, but I’m no web developer. So It really cost me lots of time to get it nice and slick.


It’s ok. I was just curious. A buy order price could solve the problem of 24h interval and give also a “real price”.

No problem for the UI and maybe someone could give you a hand.

I’ve added 24h trading volume. Then you can see how realistic the value also is of your assets


It seems that the Waves balance is not included in results.

Yes, that’s correct. The idea was always to show the assets traded to waves.
I noticed that the query I use is this one:
http://nodes.wavesnodes.com/assets/balance/{wallet}, and it seems that it doesn’t return the waves details, but only other tokens and gateway coins/tokens.

But I think it’s nice if Waves itself is also shown. I will put it in next release on top, where the summary is shown of the assets.


Just released update of the tool;


  • added balance of waves coins in result
  • added column 24H trading volume of an asset