Waves World Staking and Marketplace

Waves World has an automatic staking program.
Simply hold enough tokens to remain in the top 300 holders.
Top 100 earns 2600 WW per day
Top 200 earns 575 WW daily
Top 300 earns 325 WW daily

Top 300 list is found here http://dev.pywaves.org/assets/AbunLGErT5ctzVN8MVjb4Ad9YgjpubB8Hqb17VxzfAck

The program is funded by token reserves, marketplace sales, and node activity.

WW Marketplace is another portion of the WW project.
We have opened marketplace on world wide web which sells merchandise for Waves , WW and other crypto.
We have opened additional shops on Ebay and Etsy.
Our Etsy shop is growing rapidly with 75 new sales in a short time.

The other aspect of our program is the Waves World Node
10% of lease revenue is invested back into the token, and given to leases.
The buyback, combined with buying from marketplace revenue ensures constant liquidity of the ww token.

Thank you for supporting our project.

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Thank you for supporting Waves World!

Please feel free to ask questions anytime.

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There are many ways to earn with WW

Tip Campaigns
Faucet Claims

WW Russian language chat is available here

With Waves World, every day is payday!