Pool name: WavesCloud
Address for leasing: 3P82iKJ6UMAT3zzpLBRYrWe3ZxLhb21J3m1 (or alias = wavescloud)
Website: In development
Payment policy: Pay out fully 100%
GAME OF NODE Reward: When we will win the event, we will pay 105% a year long to all our leasers!
Help us winning by leasing all your WAVES to WavesCloud!
1 lucky winner will be rewarded with 500 Waves!
Participation when you lease more than 500 Waves on our node till the event is over!
How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: We will perform a payment every Sunday!
Location: The node is been located in Germany
Feature voting policy: We will listen to the community before we vote!

What development features do you usually support?
Waves Enterprise
Waves DeX
RIDE / Dapps

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Second payment is completed:
Waves - 95.672
MRT - 610

Do you still pay out for leasers?