Wavesing.com Node

Pool name: Wavesing

Address for leasing: 3PQqyMTg2mPZsBDixXv2cDsCuCCatEmw13g

Website: https://wavesing.com/

Payment policy:
– Waves generated: 100% distributed
– Weekly payments
– Exclusive Wavesing token airdrop
– Exclusive airdrops of projects that want to be known.

Pool Representatives:
Arker Labs Team, [email protected]
Rubén Gracida, [email protected]


Feature voting policy:
We are always in favor of the new features offered by Waves, so we always vote positively on all new features.

Other Details:
Wavesing adds value to Waves because it has features developed by the node’s team, like an explorer of the Waves blockchain (https://wavesing.com/explorer)

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