Waveskeeper sample implementation - SOLVED

Hi, all. Is there any sample code implementation of Waveskeeper for integrating on a web site preferably in ASP.NET / C# and jQuery. Thanks all.

I finally did it using a combination of jQuery on the client side and C# on server side. If your app is purely client based and no server interaction is needed, like saving status on a database, the implementation is very straightforward and easy. But it took me a couple of days to work on it and link Waves Keeper with my web wallet since I need to save the authorization status, and force users to request authorization every time the user logs in.

The reason for this is that since Waves Keeper is limited only to WAVES asset, no consideration for custom assets, I had to do some improvisations in my code behind to protect our own token from being sent out if not authorized by Waves Keeper. So basically I used Waves Keeper to lock up WAVES and our custom token and prevent our web wallet from sending these assets without prior authorization from Waves Keeper. This will keep funds on our web wallet secured even if someone is able to steal users password.

Waves Platform is great. So many possibilities we can do to enhance security even if users fall victim of phishing.

If you want to explore my stablecoin project it is at https://cryptopeso.ph or if you want to ask some ideas how I implemented it on C#, just send me a message. Thanks to WavesCS team for making it a lot easier to work on the Waves Platform using C# .NET


Hi, can you help me understand how you did it? thanks :slight_smile: