Waveskeeper tool for easy smart asset creation

Hello everyone!
I am working at a tool which will enable the normal users without coding skills to deploy smart asset templates. If you have requests for some templates let me now.
There are already some waves projects using the tool :slight_smile:
https://turtleshell.turtlenetwork.eu/ everything in the waves box is for waves mainnet.
The leasing tool shakes up all the nodes, so it isn’t ordered on size.
In future we will also expand with waves smart accounts.

Enjoy and feel free to share improvements or ideas



We want to inform you that the Blackturtle project has been very helpful to us!
For a long time, we could not solve the issue of creating a smart contract.
With the help of the resource from Blackturtle, we created a smart contract that we need and very simply and quickly!

Many thanks to the project Blackturtle !!!

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Thanks Bram finally someone who is doing something for the normal users …wavesplatform (blockchain for the people) is lacking in helping the “people”.

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