WavesLPoS Node

Pool name: WAVESLPoS

Address for leasing: 3PEx3f3J5nXGaBXZ2RYijMEsZMFfBDgNhTb

Website: WavesLPoS.com

Payment policy: WAVES - 100%,
Various Air-Drops

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: Every Saturday

Location: USA

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If you donate me, I’ll join

Donate to you? Not understand.

Rafael why in the world would they donate to you for you to join the node, you get paid for investing your money that stays securely in your wallet but leases to the node for use in the block forging process, it’s supposed to be beneficial to both parties as we get more security than on many platforms with liquidity built in, it also makes it easier for nodes to get out there and advertise to potential investors such as myself, you get paid based on waves leased, I kinda think as an investor anyone asking for donations here in this forum to join someones pool almost would be brought to the attention of someone who can show them how to use this platform, not to demean you but to show you how easy it is even to get a start in waves with very little to no investment at all (I did and I love waves, and yes i buy and earn them also)dont ask these poor guys to donate to you they will pay you for you lease thats just rude bro :slight_smile:

I would like to know the policy with mrt tokens

Currently, we use part of our MRT to pay for running the node, the balance goes to adding more WAVES to increase the weekly payout.