Pool name:
Wavesnode .NET

Address for leasing:

Wavesnode .NET

Payment policy:
85% of LPOS earned Waves to lessors
15% of LPOS earned Waves paid to WNET token holders

Weekly Payouts

Pool Representatives:
Rob van de Camp (gizmo) Back-end & Node Maintenance
Twitter - LinkedIn

Jarno Hogeweg (clipto) Website & Communications
Twitter - LinkedIn

The Netherlands

Feature voting policy:
All our decisions are with the best intentions in mind, as we have the same goal as all other Waves investors, we want to see Waves succeed.
With great (voting) power comes great responsibility, so we will use our voting power to protect the network and minimize the possibility of unforeseen problems.

Other Details:

  • Running the Official Waves Merchandise website, payments done with our:
  • Waves Woocommerce Gateway (free to use, accept payments with Waves or any Waves token in your shop)
  • We offer Services for Waves related projects
  • Running several nodes (mainnode in our own datacenter) in a failover cluster setup, offering the best available uptime for our lessors. (updates without downtime).
  • Active on testnet since the start of the Waves Platform

We do most of our communications by Twitter

Contact: Click to mail
Support system: Click to open a ticket


I have a question in pictures:



Such a good question was ignored by node owners. Sad. And this guys published this post to keep getting new lessors. Then tomorrow they will tell us how they trying hard to stop people to lease them.

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UPD: merchant online but does Waves team has an official merchant?

Understandable question.
We always keep our backup node some time on the older release, just for safety measures.
Depending on the moment PyWaves checks, sometimes it shows our backup node.

Confirmed. Your main server is on the latest version, that’s good:

So, as noted above, what about the “official” word? Do you work with Wavesplatform? I can not find information on their site about this merchandise.


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Yes we are the official supplier of the Waves Platforms merchandise.
All items on our shop are designed by the Moscow team.

We also did several coupon actions with discounts around Waves events in the past.

And what are you doing to support decentralization? Or you focusing on further centralization in your hands?


We don’t need to grow any more, we’re good at the current numbers.
When we started we did some radio commercials and other actions to attract new lessors.
We stopped doing this advertisement at least a year ago.

We also asked lessors to join smaller nodes, together with Wavesgo, when they reached a critical percentage of the network weight.
Also, we lease our own Waves to smaller pools, to support decentralization.

And again, the fair-pos was first discussed with the team back in November, when we visited the team in Moscow for the first time.
We were one of the first that asked the team to look into this.
When the new FairPOS algorithm goes live, we’d see a more fair distribution of generating revenues, where the biggest node no longer gets it’s 10-20% advantage.


I know there many people who trust you when you telling them, that you are aiming on decentralization. But your real actions talks for you.

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Guys, if you are supporting decentralization and ask lessors to join smaller nodes, why do you have this post in general (I mean in Leasing pools topic). This inevitably leads to increasing amount of lessors on your pool as many just join the biggest ones.

Just remove this post and stop marketing yourself at all, at least, not to increase the amount of lessors. Prove your good intentions! And work with those who already leased waves to you to reduce your stack.


I wouldn’t agree that node representatives should remove topic if they support decentralization. Communication with both small and big nodes is important for community here.

Right. Let’s stay on top :slight_smile:

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Exactly, it’s not about doing any promotion actions, marketing or whatever to attract more lessors, as I already described a few post above this post.
This forum is an easy way to communicate with the community as a leasing pool.
I think all nodes should have a topic on this forum.


I cannot agree.
This forum is just a dashboard of all leasing pools who want to attract more leasers. It is not intended for communication, as it is uncomfortable to do this. This page is used as a promotional page just with one intention - give potential leasers information about the nodes to attract their WAVEs. If node want to attract more WAVEs - it is here. If don’t - please remove your topic.

Use Discord or existing Waves Telegram channels for active communications, create new telegram channel for leasing pool communication at least. Discord and Telegram are comfortable ways for active communication and have been created specially for such things.

Let’s don’t mess communication with promotion.


I couldn’t agree more. This topic attracts even more attention to the top nodes. So, it is definitely not the way to reduce the amount of leased Waves and stop centralization. I am afraid, your actions (meaning Wavesnode.NET) contradict your words.

Waves requested us to create this page, it was not our initiative. This part of the forum is purely for an overview of the existing nodes.

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they asked, and you could refuse until the other nodes are pulled up on balance and unload yours.

@Gizmo As far as I know (maybe I don’t see the whole picture), your are not associated with Waves, and so this is a voluntary placement, it is not mandatory. You could just refuse.