WavesPlay.com - First multi-token for Waves - Dice, Coin Flip, Referral for Life

Waves blockchain based dice and coin flip. You can play with most of the established Waves tokens:

Waves tokens supported right now:

Works with Waves Keeper, so you can play with confidence. For mobile play, you can login with a seed. See site for the Support/FAQ link. A cut of 4% is taken from winnings. No ads, no external tracking.



I struck a deal with my developer about the further development of WavesPlay.com.

What is further being developed, from Wednesday on:

  • Mobile login/support
  • Referral system
  • New dice game
  • Cosmetic changes

Those additions will take around 2-4 weeks to implement.

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New tokens have been added. See opening post.

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We would like to list ForFun coin at wavesplay

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I have updated the supported token list. Among them is now also NSBT, you will find it right after Neutrino.

Also, WavesPlay.com has been the number one Waves gambling site on DappRadar for quite some time now.

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I sent you an email.

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Site is online again under https://WavesGamble.com

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