WAXEX - Waves African Exchange

The Challenge
Gaining access to the international token marketplace can be a challenge which results in higher fees and frustrating delays in buying the token of your choice at the optimum price.

The Solution
Simple deposits from your bank account give you direct access to the Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange (also known as Dex) through the WAXEX gateways.

Simple, Safe, Convenient.

The Rewards
WAXEX tokens give you access to direct distribution loyalty rewards, special offers and discounts with our B2B business partners.

So much more than just a token.



The day has finally arrived! The WAXEX Rand (ZAR) Gateway is finally ready for public testing and YOU are invited to join!

The CIVIC portal will be activated at 9 am South Africa time on 21/06/2018.

Things you need to know:

  • Gateway testing is limited to the first 100 qualifying accounts.
  • The Gateway can only be accessed using the CIVIC app to verify your identity.
  • Only South African Citizens will be able to access the Gateway.
  • Your account will only become active once you have made a min deposit of R10.00.
  • The maximum deposit during the beta is R50,000.00 per account.
  • You can only withdraw from an activated account.
  • Bank deposits can take up to 48 hours to clear, depending on YOUR bank.
  • There are no deposit fees.
  • Withdraw fees are 3%.

The first 100 qualifying activated accounts will receive a bonus air drop.

We are doing a bug bounty. Please report bugs to the linked form below.




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this is a good ieda, and if waves keeps going it could be used in other countries too. 3% fees may be a little high but coinbase is 3% for 100$ buy, so you may make a good income from this

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meet the article in Waves Lab Medium to know more https://medium.com/waves-lab/waxex-fiat-gateways-exchanging-south-african-rand-into-rand-zar-token-and-back-e122aa5b155d

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Thank you for this! I should have added it.

Congratulations for your work.

I’m planning to setup a gateway in Brazil.

Any tips? What do you think of a partnership?

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Hi. I have responded to your private message.

Hi … good idea … the south american crypto world defenitly need a decentralized exchange, and waves is a good choice ! But we both know fiat gateways for south african countries , can be a real challenge and we are looking for those gateays for our TRAVELDEX project … lets talk !

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Please tell more about Traveldex. I was thinking … when there are gateways in most countries, we can use waves and tokens on travel and foreign trade.

Hi my name is Juergen based in Germany, thank for your kind replay, if you do not mind let us chat on skype my ID is as follow : tds.sale.de ( @WEBPMSPRO-JUERGEN )

Hello, Juergen, Thank for your kind replay. I sent you a private message.

Wow Awesome project best of luck. Have you guys ever think about doing the same but in Latin America Coustries like Mexico.

I take my the oportunity to share my Project,

We are focused in our local jurisdiction for practical reasons. But we are more than welcome to support others who wish to replicate it in other regions.


someone has to use a different exchange than waves dex to be able to trade in african rand? is it not possible to add additional communal currency gateways into the waves dex?

That is not technically correct, only the gateway is a different service provider, you still trade rand on the same dex, not a different dex.

ah nice so we soon will be able to also do srand pairings right and then we need a different transaction gas for that?

Currently all fees are paid in waves standard. we will look at adding rand as a sponsored fee as a possible feature, but this will be reviewed.

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You can already trade rand for any token on dex, it will just depend if there is a market for it.

then you should write out your asset ID somewhere for the waves DEX

You can easily find the Rand token with the ticker ZAR