WBRIACASH - digital share of profit distribution


Blockchain project BRIACASH

WBRIACASH (WBRIACH) is a crypto asset (token), which is the original property and the digital share of profit distribution between investors in the high-tech blockchain project BRIACASH.

The WBRIACASH token (WBRIACH) is created on the Waves high-tech blockchain platform.
WBRIACASH Liquidity Provided By:

  1. The high power and real value of modern equipment for mining cryptocurrencies.
  2. Recoverable profit from the extraction of top cryptocurrencies.
  3. Effective trade in crypto assets on international crypto exchanges.
  4. Profitability from managing the WBRIACASH Pool investment pool.

The main goal of the development of the BRIACASH project is to create a network of mobile mining data centers with their further connection to alternative and environmentally friendly sources of generating cheap electricity, using for this effective achievements in the new field of plasma gasification technologies and means of saving energy consumption.

The limited issue of the WBRIACASH token equal to 3,000,000 crypto coins excludes the possibility of internal inflation and the depreciation of the token in the long term.

The expected, calculated, average increase in the cost of the WBRIACASH token will be from 0.3% per day.

The growth rate of the WBRIACASH crypto asset is provided by a constant increase in its liquidity due to the scalability of the business:

  1. Purchase of modern equipment for cryptocurrency mining and increasing mining capacities.
  2. Increase in trade and profit from trading sessions on international cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as regular contributions to the reserve stabilization fund.
  3. Profit from investment activities in the medium and long term, as well as trade in gold and shares of well-known companies in the international stock market.

All these trading instruments generate income at different periods of time, thereby creating a natural diversification of risks and serve as financial support for the WBRIACASH crypto asset.
In the BRIACASH Community, there are three options for financial relationships between participants and the project administration:

  1. Free acquisition of the WBRIACASH crypto asset, on the decentralized exchange WAVES DEX, with the aim of making profit during trading sessions in the short, medium and long term.
  2. The purchase of a WBRIACASH crypto asset for an amount of at least $ 500 through the official WBRIACASH Official Exchange exchange office with the conclusion of an official contract and providing the investor with a guaranteed return of 0.3% per day on the amount of investments made, or by the conclusion of an agreement on the purchase of mining equipment for cash investor and transferring him to work in the mining pool BRIACASH Pool.
    In this case, the ownership of the equipment remains with the investor, and the return on the invested amount of funds in the equipment will also be from 0.3% per day.
  3. The conclusion of an agency agreement with the active partners of the BRIACASH Community community gives them the opportunity to attract new participants to the project and receive a partner reward in the amount of 10% -20% of the amount of attracted investments.

IDO BRIACASH plan for the WAVES blockchain platform

The first stage of IDO BRIACASH is the launch of the project on the WAVES blockchain network.

At this stage, the number of cryptocurrencies of primary placement on the decentralized exchange WAVES DEX will be 30,000 WBRIACASH. The initial value of the coin will be equal to $ 1.

The period of the first stage of IDO BRIACASH will continue until the full sale of the entire volume of tokens in the amount of 30,000 WBRIACASH put into circulation.

The second stage includes the goal of the full launch of the BRIACASH project and the further launch of 300,000 WBRIACASH at the rate of $ 1.5.

This offer for investors will be valid for 40 days from the moment the administration of the project officially announces the start of the second stage of IDO BRIACASH and the secondary placement of WBRIACASH tokens on the decentralized exchange WAVES DEX.

At the end of the second sales period, the entire unsold volume of WBRIACASH tokens will be officially withdrawn from the exchange and implemented through the BRIACASH project partner network, under the terms of an agency agreement.

The acquisition of the WBRIACASH crypto asset with the conclusion of an agency agreement gives the right to receive partnership remuneration of 10% - 20% of the amount of attracted investments.

Also, anyone who wants it will be able to purchase the WBRIACASH crypto asset, which is in free trading volume on the decentralized WAVES DEX exchange, to obtain an average calculated profit of at least 0.3% per day of its initial cost, subject to complete, personal anonymity.

The receipt and distribution of profits between holders of the WBRIACASH crypto asset will be carried out by redeeming the cryptocurrencies in circulation from their holders on the exchange.

The entire history and statistics of the movement of the WBRIACASH crypto asset can be tracked in real time using the WAVES blockchain network.

The main goal of the IDO BRIACASH is to enable anyone who wants to, with any budget, to become part of the BRIACASH Community decentralized community, have a direct share in the project, participate in a decentralized profit distribution and have a steady, growing passive income.

The immediate plans for the development of the BRIACASH blockchain project include finalizing and providing White Paper to the community, as well as developing and launching the application on a smart contract for the automatic distribution of mining capacities, payment of expenses for the use of electricity and hosting, and the redemption of the WBRIACASH crypto asset from the market and its transfer to the main fund, the formation of a trade pool and contributions to the stabilization reserve fund to reduce trade risks and further develop the project at the expense of profit.

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More information about the BRIACASH blockchain project can be found on its official website.

Official site of the BRIACASH project: https://briacash.pro/
Official Telegram Group: https://t.me/BriaCASHinfo
Official Telegram News Channel: https://t.me/BLOCKCHAIN_BRIACASH
Official VKontakte Group: https://vk.com/briacash
Official Twitter Group: https://twitter.com/wbriacash
Official Instagram Group: https://www.instagram.com/wbriacash