We are looking for help from the community

We are looking for help from the fan project creators with waves tokens, in particular for the Monsterjuegos.net project.

This is a project that wants to reward our readers for reading us with our MONSTER token.
After a lot of learning, trial and error, we think that now we can make our project take off. But we need some funding.

We need to energize the MONSTER / WAVES, MONSTER / BTC and MONSTER / USDN markets. We also want to develop our own payment gateway with our waves token for the online store as well as improvements in our servers, etc…

For this and if anyone wants to support our project, we have created a small package of 100USD in Bitcoin to offer our token in exchange for 1 MONSTER token = 0.01 USD.
If anyone is interested in helping us, I leave the purchase link here:

If you want more information about our project you can visit this thread in the forum:

or communicate with us by email: [email protected] or also at: [email protected]

Currently we have informative PDF’s in Spanish language, but if any of you request it, we will gladly translate it to English language.

Anyone interested in helping?
Any help is welcome. Ideas to promote the project, links to community forums that may be interested in the project… etc…

Thank you very much for taking a few minutes to read this post.