We need waves asset plugins for ecommerce

IT would be a big boost for there to be a plugin to integrate waves assets into eccomerce solutions like woo commerce, shopify, etc. It seems an ccomerce plug in would give more real world usablility for all waves assets

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I think you are looking for this


I was looking at that exact plug-in myself, but store has too many producs in it using another popular plug-in called eStore for us to make the switch easily. hopefully someone picks up the torch on other ecomm plug-ins for wordpress.

HELLO, we need a payment plugin that works for woocommerce websites.

If you add it to the roadmap it may increase the adoption of waves and tokens, now only one plugin present (unofficial) does not work well.

Hi there,
I don’t know if this will work but you can give it a try : https://mycryptocheckout.com
I know coffeecoin is using it on different websites right now.

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