Welcome to P2P BANKING - List your token in Golden Cloud

We inaugurate P2P Banking of Golden Cloud. We still have a lot to improve and build, but we invite all those creators of tokens to be listed for free on our website and voted by their community.

Democratizing the economy means involving all people in the processes of market production by themselves. We will democratize the economy, and it will be decentralized.

Visit our website: https://www.goldencloudtoken.com

Follow our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goldencloudtoken/

Rent your WAVES in our mine: 3P9tQwZTSgiYNA789hdXzHuGzVTh4eFLrJq


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Join our Telegram channel! We need collaborators, and you will earn GCT2 and positions in the organization. Thanks to all interested people.
We will democratize the economy.



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Lease your Waves in our node now!! 3P9tQwZTSgiYNA789hdXzHuGzVTh4eFLrJq

More info here: https://www.goldencloudtoken.com/mining.html


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Waves wallet…

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