WEP 0: (Waves Enhancement Proposal) Unified proposal system

Author Dmitry Gubanov <dgubanov@wavesplatform.com>
Last update 2019-05-23


We suggest introducing a unified structure for proposals with the aim of increasing readability and convenience of creating documents. Waves Enhancement Proposal(WEP) outlines information about a suggested innovation in the Waves ecosystem.

To ensure the proposal is accepted, the WEP’s author must build consensus within the community.

Motivation and Purposes

The Waves community is very active, and members often come up with good ideas for improving the platform. However, at this moment there is no concrete place where authors can publish their proposals as well as there are no recommendations for their compilation.

The purpose of this document is to recommend a unified format and the place for publication of proposals.


The following structure is suggested:

  • Title – name in format «WEP №: title description», with information about the author and the last WEP update below.
  • Abstract – simple, brief description of the main idea.
  • Motivation and Purposes – description of what prompted the proposal and the author’s intended goals.
  • Specification – technical description of the implementation.
  • Rationale - explaining why this approach was chosen as a means to solve the problem.
  • Backwards Compatibility – compatibility of changes with the currentversion.
  • *Examples and Implementation – optional, but desirable examples and possible code implementation.

A special category on the Waves forum is suggested as a location for proposals.

The life cycle of any proposal can be represented as follows:

  1. Writing the WEP according to the recommended structure.
  2. Posting the WEP text on the forum in the Proposal category.
  3. After discussion, a decision is made on whether the proposed innovations should be implemented.
  4. The proposed innovation is included in the next release.
  5. Nodes vote to accept or reject the proposed changes.


In this implementation the preliminary review stage for proposals has intentionally been omitted, in order to simplify the publication process. For the same reason, the recommended structure of the document includes only the most important points.

Backwards Compatibility

The above innovations don’t affect the backward compatibility of the platform.

Examples and Implementation

This proposal may serve as an example for subsequent proposals.


The proposal system sounds good.

Bitcoin have BIPs, Ethereum have EIPs, why Waves should have WEP instead of WIP?

Hi @deemru
WIP is more appropriate for uniformity, but there is a very popular abbreviation: wip - work in progress.

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WIP on WIP-0, sounds good.

WEP is an old Wi-Fi security algorithm, btw.

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Good approach, definitely needed.
imo WIP-x is fine, as improvement proposals are work in progress anyway :wink:


Anyway, content is more important than abbreviation =)

Hi, @ dgubanov! Can we publish WEP, which are associated with interfaces of contracts RIDE4Dapps (like ERC-20, 721, 1155, 223)?
Do you have repo for WEP?

Hi @Hashpunk !

Hi, @ dgubanov! Can we publish WEP, which are associated with interfaces of contracts RIDE4Dapps (like ERC-20, 721, 1155, 223)?

Of course you are welcome to publish WEP with your mature idea, this section was created for this purpose.

Do you have repo for WEP?

Only this place is provided for proposals at this moment. If repo is claimed, it will be created.