What are the most useful Waves related websites?

We would like to add some more interesting Waves resources to our Waves page.
For example, statistics, curated project lists, community created websites, etc

We already have most basic information, but our visitors can even be better informed using the suggestions of this community. What are the best resources we should add?

This is the current Waves page on Blockspot.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks Hoshingen, some good suggestions! We will add some of those we didn’t have yet.

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Data that you could update on your website:

Android: Yes
iOS: Yes
Chrome extension: Yes
Official website: https://wavesplatform.com/
Download wallet: https://wavesplatform.com/

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Thanks for letting us know! The mobile wallets were indeed released already.
The total Waves wallet page is now updated. Also with the social info, logo, etc.

No problem. Just check again, the “Download wallet” button and “Official website” are still linking to the old wallet page https://waveswallet.io and not versus the new one https://wavesplatform.com :wink:

Also fixed now. Thanks again!

There can be a tons of websites but among them my suggestions will be;

  1. Qbserve.
  2. FreshBooks.
  3. Crunched.
  4. Intuit QuickBooks.
  5. Simple Invoices.

Thanks, but what are the links and how are they related to Waves?

What about blogs? Looking for a convenient blog to read on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general

How does it related to the topic?

If you have a curated list of blogs thats stays up-to-date it would be a relevant resource.

No, I don’t. That’s why I’ve been asking for a piece of advice on a relevant blog.

I guess everyone here knows this site https://www.waves.com :smile: