What is 1-st Silvermine?

Yesterday i found in my wallet 9 coins name 1-st Silvermine.Every coin at 1 wave price. I go to the market for sell it but need to buy 10 coins before sell :slight_smile: I check code of smart asset before buy for locked orders. All code is ok. After i buy 10 coins and put 19 coins for sell buy 1 waves price. All was fair. Tnx to developer for free coins! Wait for new airdrop! So happy to see some fair projects at platform!


You got your waves back or not? Put order up doesn’t mean you can sell it out. Also how to check smart asset’s code?

Lol,another scam with high valued token and scripted. Dont waste your waves on that.

You totally wrong! That asset is made for fight with scams! Code of asset was checked by waves support! Now is a presale for everyone! After presale finished - first investors will decide the future of asset!

I didn’t get, after buying those 1-st Silvermine, can you sell them now? Because I know such occacions when you get free coins and then you don’t know what to do with them

Yes. After buy you can put sell order at price 1 wave.

That is same Smart Asset Script buy Trap
Wanted you to buy more and sell higher but no buy Order

If it was not a scam, Why need to buy more? Why can’t sell? why no Buy Support? only creator of that token keep on selling,

Same scamming scheme

No. You totally wrong.
Buy more and sell you free airdrop tokens. That’s the point.
No buy order - that true. But people buy from sell orders.
First investors put first orders. As you can see - sell order now more then 1k silver and only 678 is from creator. All other orders are investors orders - anybody can put order at same price 1 wave.
Also it is only beginning. After presale finish - token investors will decide the future of token. It will be very interesting!

so there were presale?

Any website for info then?

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Ok, I got it, thank you!