What prevents large pools to run on low performance PCs?

I know that now you can run node also on mobile. What would happen if eg. some big pool, like WavesGo, would run their node on the mobile or they wouldn’t meet hardware requirments for running a node and still all the people would lease their tokens to them so they would need to confirm most transactions? Would that clogged the network? Is there any prevention in protocol or another layer, so they cannot do that?


Noone wants to lose money (fees).

If you would run a node on a low cost hardware you would have a bigger chance to fall behind, catch out of memory errors, hang with 100% CPU etc, specially on massive airdrops with thousands mass transfers.

Once it happens you start to lose money until catch up the height.

Big nodes have to use more expensive hardware to minimize this chance, and secondly to minimize downtime if some issue still happened.

For example try to import the blockchain to the current state on cheap and expensive hardware, be surprised at the results.


Google cloud, 2 dedicated CPU’s, 7.5GM RAM