What should I do about an obvious scam token?

Hi! It’s me again. I want to report about an absolute scam token “Goldmine”
I already talk a little about this token here

But I wanna know if you could mark it as a spam and prevent trade any trade about it? I already got scammed and I don’t worry that much about my lost waves but I worried about other who will fall for this scam. I saw this token already made 140 Waves (~$350) today (Mostly from who got 5 Goldmine from airdrop) and the issuer still selling his token and breaking his/her own smart asset rule (You have to sell the asset at 1.00000001 Waves or up but the issuer sell it at exactly 1 Waves) if that seen fine to you, wait until I tell you about the buy order which you can buy on any price you want! But the thing is we can’t sold it at the price lower than 1.00000001 Waves make every buy order that wanna buy at 1 Waves or lower useless! So, please… do something about it

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just think before you buy

B-but I got it for free… and I didn’t even know what the asset restricting. 1st I want to sell it it said “You have to sell 10 at once” So I buy 5 more and try to sell again (because spend 5 to get free 5 is good in my mind), that’ where I realise I f*cked up because it said “Price of your order should be more than 100,000,000 Waveslet (= 1 Waves)” How can I check the smart asset rule before I invest in it??

But again. It’s 5 Free waves I got from selling other token I got from airdrop.

Read here:

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sounds really complicated though

At least someone will read your topic and will know about this scam. But I really didnt understand your explanation

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Ok. Let me explain in a more simple way.
The issuer (the person who created the token) make it as a smart asset. Which he/she can limit anything he/she can. So this person decide to limit minimum sell price to “more than 100,000,000 waveslets” (= 1 waves) and then airdrop the token to other people who might have created his/her own token as well. So what we do? Try to sell it of course! But the creator also limited the minimum sell amount to 10 Goldmine per order but he/she drop 5 per user. If you think buy 5 more for 5 waves to get 5 waves more. That’s good but not with this token because you have to sell it at 1.00000001 waves. And the highest price open buy order is 0.99999999 waves So, that mean we can’t sell it! If you think that is normal, it’s not!! Because the creator sell his/her token and breaking his/her own limit rule!! He/She sell his/her token at 1 waves!! And we can’t do that!!
Hope this might help you understand the situation. If not, feel free to repky


Thank you for a full explanation

Thanks, it’s become a little clearer, is there any option to report this coin? If not, then it’s only left to let more people know about it

What do you mean, report this coin?

Yes, to report, to complain about it.

Maybe the only way is to spread information about the scam coin.

Yeah, it is but there can be much misleading information in the net as well

If a coin is proved to be a scam, is it blocked then?

The only thing you can do is to spread info, it will help others.

There is no “block” in the blockchain, the token is marked as “suspicious” here: https://github.com/wavesplatform/waves-community

Then depending on your UI settings and these marks it can be hidden or not.

That’s how it works. Thank you for the explanation

We must carefully choose the information

Sure, too hard to do nowadays, though