What time can be done after send Waves and first data-transaction

I send Waves to ‘another account’ using JS libraries and do data-transaction from ‘another account’ when sending Promise is done. But here is an error:

State check failed. Reason: negative waves balance: 3M…, old: 0, new: -100000

Then I do it again with success and see a lot of Waves on ‘another account’, that means first Waves was enough for data-transaction.
What’s wrong? Is there any time period before got Waves and send transactions?

Also, looks like this transaction is not included in new block, am I right?
How can I track this transaction programmatically?
It is really critical and I cannot find any documentation concerning it…

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My own solution.
I get unconfirmed transaction via setTimeout till it return status ‘error’.
Hope this helps someone:

const getTransactionUnconfirmed = (id) => {
return fetch(nodeAddress + /transactions/unconfirmed/info/${id}, {
method: ‘GET’
.then(x =>
.catch(e =>

I really confused that there is no documentation describing it!

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