What's the waves WAVES issuance limit?

Hello, I was under the impression that WAVES was limited to 100 million, yet the number keeps climbing. we are nearly at 101 million now. So what is the limit of WAVES to be issued &/or what is the criteria for new waves to be issued? Thanks!

there is no limit,
This is the reason Waves price won’t go up again because of inflation model.
Meaning, Waves will go to 0.10$ sooner or later

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That is not true. Ethereum also has no limit, but is worth about 150 times what Waves is, even the amount of coins is around the same. It is all a case of trust.
If it stays at 6 Waves per block, it will be deflationary, as the percentage of newly issued Waves gets smaller every time.

So 6 waves increase per block? Who gets those waves? nodes? Bummer, I had a hundred million to invest in waves but it seems risky…lol Wouldn’t you agree that the new waves creation should be listed somewhere in all the waves info? If you know where I can find more info about it on any official waves documentation please get me a link. Even coinmarketcap lists “no data” in regards to token limit. Thanks!

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Also it appears that in fact there are no inflation. Waves are massively removed from market due to several deflational mechanisms

  • leasing is much more attractive
  • usd-n is worth investing (which is based on waves)

If it stays at six Waves per Block, then the yearly inflation is a bit more than 3%, which decreases every year, as the existing Waves get more.