Where are stored private key?

I am running a node on a vps,this node has a defaut address and generate each address for new member,i have only the seed,privkey of default address,where are stored the privatekey for each address?i received waves but i can’t move to main balance

Sounds like complete mess.
Ok, you are running node. The config file contains base58-encoded seed, which in turn defines the address.
What do you mean by “new members”?
What do you mean by “you received waves”?
You don’t need to move any waves - just lease them to node’s address

i have a default address where send deposits after each member deposit waves or tokens,the script works with a cron that send to main address all the coins and tokens deposited,now i have a problem i can’t receive waves from a member’s address "where i can find all private keys stored for each new address created?