Where can I manually sign a message?

Can someone tell he how to manually sign a message in a wallet. Also is there an api that I can use for my app that lets me verify the signed message?


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Would you like to sign a custom message (some text for example) or would you like to sign a transaction?

I’d like to sign a message to prove I own the wallet. Not a tx

Do they have support?

Any ideas??? I can do this with counterparty on Bitcoin, but I want to create on waves. Not only am i looking for a way to sign, but also an easy way to verify the signature is correct, like a Rest API.

It actually exists on the node API:

Be careful, signing a message on a node which is not yours is VERY insecure.

Yeah looks like you have to give your private key (no way). I was hoping for something in waves wallet, or in waves keeper that allows it manually. I’d like to make a game where people can prove ownership of wallet and assets in it without forking over private key.

You can do it with Waves Keeper for sure, look at signRequest method.

Sorry if I sound like too much of a noob but doesn’t this only work through browser type stuff? If I’m making a standalone game and I ask someone to sign a message through waves wallet, where do I go?

Upgrade from a noob, consider to learn all available APIs: https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/?q=api

Yes I’m learning but still have a ways to go. I still think waves should have a way to manually sign a message. I do this with Bitcoin and XCP all the time, but I want to make waves work with my games.


if you click settings you have option to sign message. Pretty easy.

This way exists. Not in a single but many ways actually.

Ok please tell me which waves wallet can I go to, click on sign message, enter some arbitrary data and get a signature response.

@tatiana why there is no sign a custom message option in waves wallet?

Sounds like a nice advanced feature to have. Especially for lazy developers ;)

If you are making a standalone game, you can use the standalone Waves Wallet. Auth API works with standalone as well as with web https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/waves-api-and-sdk/client-api/auth-api.html

This has already been done in the desktop wallet :slight_smile:

Requesting a feature that’s in most crypto wallets doesn’t make me lazy. Maybe you are new and don’t realize this has always been a feature ?

@tatiana thanks for your help I’ll just stop asking. I will try to integrate the API. Being able to go into wallet, paste arbitrary data and receive signature should also be available . I’ve done it a million times with counterparty and Bitcoin. Very basic !