Hello. I recently tried to sell some coins called miners reward tokens. They had a fairly good value to them, around $250 but when I went to sell them on the exchange a message appeared saying only whitelisted addresses can sell.
I think I came about these coins as a result of the fact that I have been leasing on the waves platform on-and-off for a while now (I get sent all sorts of coins)
Any advice? I know how to use the waves platform but when it comes to the technical side of altcoin I know approx. nothing.

Furthermore, I have produced my own coin (CYBORG) any advice on how to get people to buy it? It is cheap. Perhaps I could do some sort of promotion. Just need the knowledge of how to do it.
I have been told about making whitepapers describing how it helps the blockchain, well I help waves by leasing a few thousand coins at a time out to the leasing pools, so please buy a few of mine, thanks!
Thank you, folks. Have a super day!