WhiteToken Crowdfunding for humanitarian projects

WhiteToken is a crowdfunding platform that seeks to finance projects and humanitarian needs in both Venezuela and Latin America, the platform uses the benefits provided by WAVES blockchain technology to create an interaction between companies, investors, entrepreneurs and populations with primary needs.

Link to the video explaining the Project:

The WhiteTokens are virtual rewards that are given to investors/donors as proof of funding for campaigns or projects. The Tokens can be exchanged for different cryptocurrencies among other donors /investors.

The lack of financing for institutions, laboratories, non-profit foundations and different systems for humanitarian purposes in Venezuela are becoming increasingly worse.
Complete populations suffer from lack of water, inability to obtain medicines, lack of food, educational deficiency among other conditions.
Additionally, the deterioration of the socioeconomic conditions of some sectors in Venezuela has worsened abruptly, the effect of superinflation that dominates in the country has reduced the purchasing power and financing of humanitarian campaigns.

May 2018:

  • Frontend and backend development of the webpage http://whitetoken.org/.
  • IBM blue challenge code participation.
  • Scheduling monthly meetings.
  • Start to gather and create content for the webpage and social media.
  • Creation of the WhiteToken market cap on the waves platform.

June 2018:

  • Frontend and backend development of the webpage.
  • Styling & Branding.
  • Content/Plan Improvements.

July 2018:

  • Hiring and training operators services.
  • Development of WAVES smart contracts system.
  • Creation of video tutorials.
  • Launch of the website with full functionality.
  • Update the community.

We love disruptive technology and we believe that WAVES has great potential to change societies. We know how the humanitarian needs are spreading over the LATAM countries and for that reason, we will do everything that is within our possibilities to promote and explain how to help others using WhiteTokens, so we can bring more entrepreneurs, donors, and users to the network.

This project will first start locally addressing Venezuelan entrepreneurs and donors but we also want to expand our reach to target other Spanish speaking people. Our webpage will be open to all public and it will be a portal where WAVES’s users can buy WhiteTokens, adopt humanitarian projects, share ideas and more. Our work does not stop here, we will do our best to bring great projects to improve WAVES and exploit WAVES’s great technological potential.

Isaías Pérez
Project Manager/Developer
[email protected]

Javier Villarroel
Project Manager/Developer
[email protected]

Isabel Rivero
Designer/ Social Media Manager
[email protected]

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