Why don't you do KYC for token creation?

Hello everyone, I was just wondering why don’t you do KYC check or similars for token creation?. I think that would be a good idea for driving away scammers, spammers and jokers from the network. There is a need to stop useless token creations and even more for stopping scammers, which sadly are plenty on this network. The idea of retaining some waves or tokens till proving not to be a scam could be also a good idea. I would like to hear your opinions on this matter.



I agree with this Idea, Perhaps this could lessen the spam token being created and abandoned! Scamming prospect investor leaving bad image in the platform!

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In many countries, ordinary people do not have a passport because of the high cost

Don’t you think this defeats the purpose of a public blockchain?

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I understand that, but there are plenty of options for KYC check. Even a simple ID would work or a proof of address, something that would bind them directly with a created coin and that would generate a feeling of responsability on that person

Not at all and also this is just for token creation, the blockchain will keep working in a public format

Defeats the key purpose of a distributed, decentralized and secure blockchain.

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I disagree, a public blockchain should be permissionless, i.e I don’t have to ask anybody to interact with it, be it block creation, transfer or token creation.

you do had a point on this!