Windows waves client not working

I installed waves client a while ago and it was working.
I opened the client today and its not starting.
I only see the starting moving image and the loading stops at 75%
Do I need to reinstall?

Try to restart and if it doesn’t work reinstall the client.

Be sure you safely stored seed and password.

You don’t need to install any clients. Just use web client

I installed the mobile version.
Now I wonder, is it possible to use 2 version in the same time?
I dont think so, because the data is on the mobile or on the laptop or online. Is that so?

Yes, it’s possible to use both versions. You can import same account in desktop and online versions.
Best regards, Waves Community Manager

so where is the account (amounts of cryptos) stored?
I thought is was on your own device?

It is “stored” on the blockchain, nodes and matcher nodes only. And locally you have nothing but private keys that allow you to control your funds

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Thanks Brox!
Now I understand!!

Hi Peter,
Same problem here. I can’t open the app on my desktop computer.
Can you tell me what to do to solve this problem.
I’ve all ready tried to uninstall en install again, but same problem again.
With kind regards!

I didnt reinstall.
I installed the mobile version.
And I use the online client now.
On my laptop I didnt try again…