{WIP} CryptoSports Games Presents Bunny Count!

Bunny Count is a Third Person Shooter featuring classic game modes such as Capture the Flag , Team Deathmatch , and local Deathmatch game types in a cartoony , story book type setting. Blockchain is used and heavily endorsed!
It is currently in development and an alpha build has been submitted for publishing to Steam , with early access coming 2 weeks after approval. A universal windows build is also in the works for publishing on Xbox One and Windows 10 . I suppose a Mac build wouldn’t be hard to do , but I actually don’t have a mac at this point… soon.

Regardless of who approves it , we are still self publishing it so it will make it either way :slight_smile:

If you would like to support our studio and project , here are some links to our stuff!
Thanks for your interest! Go Waves!


http://platinumcrypto.com/ (in development)
https://github.com/cryptarc ( we have about 500 repos in there )

![BCVR3|690x354](upload://1Qdk6iN6YpE8NAMtX ge8sRQktZx.jp eg)
![20190106105057_1|690x388] (upload://kfOPUsad9Zw7MyfsQ6FISg8I1tM.jpeg)

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That looks neat!
In which way are you integrating the token into the game?

Hi and thanks for the comment !
We are currently looking at many options , from game saves to in game exchange ,
and as showed in the post , the ability to both earn tokens and spend them. This might be done with 2 different ones. I just have to make the cost of in game items a constant value, so unlocking a new in game character would always only cost a dollar regardless of dex prices etc.
Im building an in game wallet today so we dont have to open the browser widget , it will be in the hud when the inventory tab opens , hopefully lol .

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Nice project!

Good Luck!

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Absolutely, there is a tremendous amount of possibilities to integrate a token.

As a suggestion I’d encourage you to try figuring it out with one token for both payments and rewards. In my opinion, this helps the user motivation as they have a more visible goal (’‘I need to win two more games until I can afford the new item’’).

In case you’d like to put more of the game on the blockchain, you might want to take a look at Non-fungible Tokens i.e. tokenize in-game items and make them tradeable.

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Controls, VR and WASD for movement in wallet , F=blockchain menu, E=enter .