Withdrawal API - request


Is there a way to withdraw crypto from Waves account to any crypto address? For example, ETH from Waves to another ETH address.

Can you specify it more?
Currently it’s coinomat that processes this, I would say contact them and see how they can be integrated in your project and if they are open to it.
Default eth withdrawing is no part of waves and it’s protocol or nodes.

Use case is a trading bot:
He accepts transaction, creates some other transactions on WAVES(in DEX) and withdraws ETH to the Main Ethereum Network.

While coinomat looks like affiliated company with Waves official client, it has weird 100$ homepage coinomat.com and no information about crypto-crypto gateway, only fiat one.

I don’t think you need the coinomat api.
As long as you make your bot send it to the correct addr with the instruction that coinomat provides inside the client, things should be fine.

About coinomat, they are improving recently.