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Wolfbite24 is an English private crowdfunding platform. The company was founded in 2018 and since has been specialized in providing services to individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Wolfbite24 offers high-quality donations to members of our platform in more than 20 countries.

We are very proud of our work as a trusted crowdfunding platform. We are uniquely committed to earn trust through our know-how, objectivity and first-rate protection. Our entire business is based on personal relationships with individuals and families. We are together, sitting on the same side of the a table to understand the needs, to protect the hard earned wealth and to create the peace of mind, to live happily and to live the life. For us it is personal!

Wolfbite24 was founded with the aim of supporting our members in every aspect of their financial life. We have provided the most personalized service, so we earned a reputation for excellence in our industry. For each of our member and partners, we strive to provide financial stability, security and maximum profitability to all involved. All of our employees and full management have made this our daily goal. Day in, day out, we do everything in our power to offer our tenants a perfect service with the greatest possible flexibility.

German-African “Gold Social Pool 2020+”
Give gold a multiple social meaning!

The usage

• Donation with numerous benefits for Africa with this crowdfunding project Gold from Africa!
• Protect yourself and increase the purchasing power and value of your savings – this is for your safety!
• Improving their social situation through sustainable aid projects for the people in the relevant mining regions of Africa.
• People from Germany/Europe also support social assistance with corresponding aid projects.

That might be interesting for you, if …

• You want to own the purchasing power of your savings
• They want to hedge against currency risks, inflation and crises,
• You want to increase your savings directly, safely and without detours,
• You regularly want to achieve an above-average return,
• You want to realize personal wishes or upcoming investments faster and if
• At the same time you want to offer other people a sustainable, social service.

Your support

… as a donor

Feel free to donate “Gold Social Pool 2020+” for this crowdfunding project!

As an appreciation and gratitude you will receive only the latest news from the project and WBC24 Coins those value is hedged with mined gold from Africa.

What do we do with your money?

We use your money to mine gold in Africa’s gold mines and process it into salable gold bars at various stages. What we bring to Switzerland?

What is your income?

In the back office, you can exchange WBC GOLD for gold bars and have them delivered to your home.

Or swap it on the exchange for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency.
You get a stable value boost from WBC GOLD!

1 WBC GOLD equal 0.1 gram of Gold!


At the end of the project will be the renaturation of mining areas, the mines are will be overburden and then renatured or used for agriculture, so that the locals get the opportunity to farm the land sustainably and to generate income. In addition to drilling wells and supplying water, this includes planting, for example, coconut palms. Donations are also welcome for this part of the project.

Issuer: 3PPKeGjmotUf9sydCcoWNYEw2W8aCPkkPtZ

Token ID: 9wHHMpb6YDfKaCFasXg9urAkzQ8p933CPN1KHqbQ1qpR

Token Name: WBC GOLD

The initial sale price of Coins 7 €

Sales are limited for each pair of 100.000 Coins!

[WBC GOLD/WAVES]https://waves.exchange/trade/CukrBC8rp5vp5HgnHc8mBbogfDsQ9MeR137mY6hpKr5V_WAVES

[WBC GOLD/BTC]https://waves.exchange/trade/CukrBC8rp5vp5HgnHc8mBbogfDsQ9MeR137mY6hpKr5V_BTC

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Our first Supply of Gold is 125 kg.