ZWCOIN (The Next Token Social Network)


ZWCOIN is a token based on the blockchain of waves. This token is used for contracting advertising services in the ZOOWBOOK social network.

You can also buy ZWCOIN and market within the Waves platform.

Transmitter: 3PNnm6PYdfQqV3p4qsUrHhC7jE1BnciVmfV

Total Supply: 240,000,000 ZWCOIN

ID: 6AkTGwR31fcspriZMFsBJsqhHvQt2JpygpYNaoAHGSUt

Wallet ZWCOIN:

within the ZWCOIN project we have a minable cryptocurrency with the X11 algorithm.

ZOOW is a decentralized cryptocurrency and is minable.

Algorithm: X11

Block type: Proof-of-Work

Coin Name: ZOOW

Coin abbreviation: ZOW

RPC port: 8491

P2P port: 8492

Block reward: 5 ZOW

Coin supply: 38000000 ZOW

Transactions: 6 Confirmations


Masternode reward: 5%

Masternode amount: 100 ZOW

Masternode confirmations: 5 Confirmations

Wallet ZOOW:

Explorer ZOOW:

So the coin is no more on wave explorer?

And I have some zoow in my wave wallet now, is that useless now

You have not understood that you are in token and also minable?

I don’t understand you