Zylofon-[Blockchain football Jackpot Launched]

We are proud to present our special FOOTBALL JACKPOT Platform.Capturee

[(1X2 -PICK 5 for 10 ZCO)(win 5,000 ZCO)]

[Play 0.5 ZCO] - [Win 250 ZCO]

[Play 1 ZCO] - [Win 500 ZCO]

[Play 2 ZCO] - [Win 1,000 ZCO]

[Play 5 ZCO] - [Win 2,500 ZCO]

[Play 10 ZCO] - [Win 5,000 ZCO]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zylofoncoin
Telegram: https://t.me/zylofoncoin
Buy/sell Zylofon Tokens on Waves DEX: https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId1=WAVES&assetId2=ASUHGbzwFkUrTMFC9AyU2nK2tbxmtNv2AgbXZHXgbr5i]
.Zylofon [ZCO] Token Emission

Token Name ZYLOFON
Description Official Zylofon Token
Purpose Internal crypto currency of Zylofon Platform
Token identifier ASUHGbzwFkUrTMFC9AyU2nK2tbxmtNv2AgbXZHXgbr5i
Token Platform Waves Platform
Amount 10,000,000 ZCO
Token Type Non-Re-issuable
Exchange for token sales Waves DEX

The game will start Wed, Oct 3 9:55, this option will not be available after that time. How ever, a new set of games will be displayed. The Jackpot is made up of Five(5) games, the current options: You can play a minimum of [0.5 Zylofon(ZCO)]Tokens and maximum of [10 Zylofon(ZCO)]Tokens. You can win up to [5,000 Zylofon(ZCO)]Tokens depending on your options. To win the ultimate you need to predict 5 out of 5 correctly whether the outcome will be Home win (1), Draw (X), or Away win (2) in each fixture. we also have consolation for those who narrowly miss by a game i.e(4 correct out of 5). Note;Example. [Wed 9.55][Chelsea vs City]. In this example it means the game will start wednesday 9:55. {Home(1) Draw(X) Away(2)] Chelsea the first team is home team, City wich comes after vs is the away team.
Goodluck with Zylofon.You can also leave your address here for some airdr.ops

Great Project
for airdrop.
if i win, when do you make payment

We pay ZCO to winners waves wallet after the end of the last game on the list for each set.
Note. we only pay to the address that sent ZCO stake value to :3PJuWNvioozLnq47iSnLp2FWng7F5VizEEi Make sure the address you enter as your waves wallet is the same as the one you use in sending the ZCO stake value. Thank You

I am wining this gameCapturewin

Good Luck, but next time there is no need posting your stake here. our system auto collates the Stakes. Thank You

The first set has begun, and will not be available for submission. For the next set of game,visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoZeSZhvtk8F3dhyfp3NQ36h1u67vKuph4RuE3z4NGF8mSXQ/viewform

Blockchain Football Jackpot continues, and the next set of games[ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoZeSZhvtk8F3dhyfp3NQ36h1u67vKuph4RuE3z4NGF8mSXQ/viewform ]d
Good Luck with Zylofon

Zylofon token is currently available with the following trading pairs. [Zylofon/Waves],[Zylofon/Ccryptogram], [zylofon/BTC] and [Zylofon/USD]

If i hit 4 of 5, and Play for 10 zco, how much i will win?

Thank you for your questions,See the answer below45
[Goodluck with zylofon]

when you will send the payments?

The payments have been sent

All winners have receive their payments, with multiple winners, the price were shared as stated in our [Terms and conditions] If you are here, you win and did not receive you funs, just post your address address here,

Weekend Cracker, Game is now jjj available for staking
Goodluck with Zylofon

Where is the link to this one?

sorry i didn’t provide the link, it is the same as the previous

But there were only 4 participants, i hit 4 of 5, and get only 15zylofon

List of participants

You have send zylofon only to me, so who else have win?

Everything is on the blockchain