H2OX.io Leasing Pool

Pool name:
H2OX.io Leasing Pool

Address for leasing:
Alias: h2ox.io


Payment policy:
100% of all fees + donated bonus tokens,
paid out after every forged block directly into the account balance.

Pool Representatives:

Server in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Registered company (hexaclus) in Drama, Greece

Feature voting policy:
I will decide after discussing features with the community,
or I will develop a voting mechanism for every member with a lease/generating balance.

Other Details:
The pool is part of the H2OX.io Waves Token Exchange, so payments to miners are paid
directly into their account balances!
Those payments don’t cost any extra transaction fees, because they are off-chain.
This way, even very small amounts will be paid to small miners.


generate after a thousand blocks. does that i mean that it takes 10 weeks until the reward payout begins???

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Hey Manu,
sorry for the late reply.

1000 Blocks are the standard for leases to start generating,
and it’s about 16 hours.

This applies to every node and every lease.


it isn`t late… Great. thank you… and did i understand it correct, that you pay out after every block, which has been merged?

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Yes, payout is after every generated block directly into your account balance, so make sure you verify the address you are leasing from.

Also, the generated Waves will start generating themselves (compounding), which, as far as I know, is unique to our pool as well.


hez excuse me, but in my balance is superlease token. whats that…???

dont i get waves???

will i recieve only this superlease token???

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This wasn’t sent by our pool, we haven’t forged our first block yet.
Probably a spam token.

Also, the fees+bonuses you earn will accumulate in your H2OX account,
from there you are able to withdraw to your Waves address.

And when the exchange goes live, you will also be able to trade them.


and where is my H2OX Account???
thank you

Hey Manu,

you can sign up at H2OX.io.
Let me know if you need any help with the site.

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i´ll try… will recommend. thanks a lot

hey sir. ive registered at ur homepage. my new leases are shown, but my older leases before ive registered arent listed. should i cancel all and start new???

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have a new question. i have chosen the opporturnity to store my balance normal way and thought that means on wavesplattform. u say payout after every block, but you store my waves on your website and if i want a payout, i have to pay fee for payout, to store on my account on wavesplattform…

Hey Manu,

your share of the collected fees is stored in your H2OX account and you can withdraw it
whenever you want for the standard fee of 0.001 Waves and the transfer speed you are
used to on the Waves platform.
There are no additional fees!

It is automatic after every forged block, the pool is just new and we haven’t forged our first block yet.

Maybe you can lease back to us, when the pool is a little bigger. :slight_smile:

no thanks. i will wait and see. thanks and sorry

my last question. please excuse. there is a percentage amount in the row of

“your generating balance”…

percentage of what??? thank you

No problem, please keep asking :slight_smile:

The percentage is your share of the pool.
If the pool forges a block right now, that would be how much percent of the fees in that block you get.

thanks sir… great support… fast and clear

hey sir, how are you…???

i just saw, moments ago, that the pool is growing… it was double in the last few days… it is getting bigger… great!! congratz!!!

my question is, what do you think, how long it takes until we forge a block???

and it is possible that we will not able to forge? i mean, is there a lower chance, when other pool are bigger then ours??? i tried to research by myself, but my english knowwledge is pretty horrible…

thanks for helping!!!

Hey Manu, I am very well, thank you!
I hope you are well too. :slight_smile:

Yes, the pool is getting bigger every day!
Right now we are at about 2500 Waves, which could take weeks until we forge a block
but thankfully the pool is getting bigger fast!
Just now someone leased 2200 Waves, so tomorrow we will be at about 5000 Waves.

The lower the generating balance the lower the chance to forge a block.
But with enough time we could even forge with just 1000 Waves.

With some bigger players joining the pool I hope we can forge a block before the next weekly update on Monday. That would be great! :smile:

I am confident that we will reach higher numbers with time.

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great to hear… so, good luck… we`ll be successful