H2OX.io Leasing Pool

That means you received 0.00003066 Waves as a payout for that specific block.

I must have missed something, that’s why it is still displayed in scientific notation. :yum:
I’ll see that I get it fixed today!

Thank you for clearing those up for me.

Hey, I have lease to you since 11th of this month, how long will it take to start receiving payout? since i have not receive any yet


you have to create an account and verify the Waves address/es you leased from.

Payouts occur after every forged block and are directly added to your account balance
where you can withdraw them immediately or let them accumulate.

Once you verify your address you will receive all previous payouts.

where am i supposed to create the account?.. because obviously i have a wave account and other people i leased to have been paying me

Tell me how i need to verify the my address and will you be paying the arrears?

You need to create an account on H2OX.io
This pool is a little different but has some unique features and benefits! :slight_smile:

After signing up you will be able to verify your Waves address in the system and all accumulated leasing rewards will be released to your account.

Let me know if you have any questions about the verification process.

Добрый день подскажите как скоро заработает узел? Спасибо!

This leasing pool didn’t work at least 2 weeks. Only today notification about new adress has appeared at the site. But this new address also doesn’t work. I think it’s “new features and benefits”

What are you talking about?
Of course, it works!

Did you sign up to this forum 9 hours ago just to write this message?

If you read any news about the pool, you would know that there will be compensation for the one week the node missed out on blocks.
By then, more than 90% of leasers, who actually keep up, moved their leases to the new node.

I also just checked, not only do you not have a single Wave leased to the node, but your account is also banned!

Good luck trolling somewhere else! :wink:

Ok, I now found your other account!

You won’t lose anything by migrating your lease to the new node this late.
You will receive the rewards from the new nodes blocks, even if your lease wasn’t active when the blocks were forged!

Spreading false info and being ironic won’t help you nor anyone else!

Node migration is not an easy task, especially if you have to account for over 700 separate leases and a node that is the base layer of such a platform!

Please be patient and ask questions if you don’t understand what’s going on.
I don’t see a single question mark in your post, only false statements!

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my user name is QIBALL I have the same issue the old node stopped paying a while back and since i migrated to the new node I havent seen a node transaction since, please fix it when you can i understand the migration process, are transactions being held during the process to be seen when complete? Because its been a while since ive seen any payments on my lease, I have all confidence that your tracking and re mediating this as quickly as possible.
The big difference between the person above and i you will find is I do have a lease and have had for a while :). I enjoy your site and look forward to building and continuing to invest with you

oh and i just saw this this must be my answer
If you read any news about the pool, you would know that there will be compensation for the one week the node missed out on blocks.
By then, more than 90% of leasers, who actually keep up, moved their leases to the new node.

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Hey William,
sorry for the late reply!
I had to get things ready for August. :grin:

I just finished the balance migration, fixed some bugs in the payout process I found along the way and added the compensation to the pools.

I spread 10 Waves and about 20 Waves worth of tokens to the next 100 blocks to make the distribution fairer.

Thank you, and everyone else who stuck around through these past few weeks!
After paying out the 25 blocks which were forged during the migration everything will return to normal and payouts will be after every block again!

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I can see the node going crazy now, I unfortunately will lose some reward as I removed my waves prematurely as I was a little impatient, but for me not to worry as I’ve bought some more and will continue to do so as I mine coins and convert them into whatever i wish to invest in right now waves looks like a good platform and as I said I like your site and think its worth the time to invest in even if I miss the h2ox token sale im still investing in the node. Yes I do invest in other small nodes as well but that’s to help keep the currency decentralized and of course help the node…of course there’s reward involved however the reward for many other nodes I’ve come across seems a little less. You have a great faucet system I can’t wait to see the whole exchange in play when the site comes to fruition,as with the faucets being onsite and an exchange you may give the DEX a run for its money. Lets hope so as that would bode very well to your success which of course will be good for us node holders also as you give bonuses also through the node system. My next buy might just be some straight h2ox tyhen more node :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest in the project! :grin:

Today I have refunded all the collected Waves from the private sale, and everyone who bought them got to keep them!

The token will also be released for public trading on the Waves DEX later today!
Definitely a good chance to grab some cheap ones. :yum:

wow thanks for the heads up, mmmmmmm h2ox

How the referal program works?