Successful ICO on the basis of the WAVES

What major ICO on the basis of Waves?

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There are lots of projects already exist and pretty much of ongoing in the near future.

Primal Base, Mobile Go and many more, here’s the statistics

and here are some projects that are going to ride on Waves from the ecosystem

Now we can see a couple of pretty strong ones in Waves Lab accelerator, they are Tradingene an Paytomat.

We want to see strong teems with good track record and experience in the field.
Here is very common description of our approach

and here are areas we are interested in for now

as well as:
decentralized social media, messenger project, stable coin project, market making funds for DEX, tokenization platform for individuals/celebrities.

1 mil waves are reserved for third-party infrastructure projects on Waves.

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prımal base mobılgo and all of them ıs under attack by theır team. espacıaly prımal base and mobılgo made a great negatıve poınts for platform. thanks to that ıcos now people afraıd to ınvest others. especıaly mobılgo collected 53 mılıon dolar and ıts worth at least 200m dolar now. and they have terrıble markettıng.

Very successful ICO and the project is awesome!!!


waves tokens need to fıx theır ıco prıces to waves. not btc not dolar. ıf they want to be successfull ofcourse. otherwıse no body wıll ınvest them.

Why would a project not want to use BTC as the pair over Waves? How does that make sense?

Hey Guys, I’m always a bit surprised on why Monster Byte doesn’t get any love from the Waves community?! Monster Byte successfully completed a very small Waves-Based ICO last year, raising nearly $1M and selling out in minutes. Since then, we’ve paid out over $100,000 back in dividends over the past 3 reporting period. We’ve been transparent with our reporting, have delivered a ton of new products and features, and even completed an acquisition of a competitor which will allow us to build our own crypto exchange. Please do us a favor and take a look at our blog to find out more:

You can monitor all the coin offering online. And there’s an option of investigating finished projects to get an useful experience. I enjoy this site with List of ended ICOs. It’s not so hard to get the potential use of it.

the successful icos will be those in the end that will be able to pay with their token to develop the products they promised thats not easy.

Well I wouldnt pair my to BTC or even Ether. not over Waves. Why? Well beacuse you can have 10,000 USD of BTC one day and then the next 5,000USD. So I will stick to waves Because is more stable for now and can one can go to Pair Waves to Euros if one wants.

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I’m not sure about this. Looking at this year BTC is more stable :smile:

  • BTC actual price is 6,500$ with a low price of 5.826$ and a peak of 20,000$. 20000/5826=3.43
  • While Waves price is 2$ and a minimum of 1.64$ and a peak of 18$. 18/1.64=10.98

You can pair any token vs euro :wink:

Of course is better to pair vs Waves because almost all users own it. The best choice should be to issue your tokens paired vs the most used currencies like WAVES, BTC, ETH and maybe in USD.