Token as Fee and more

I am planning to create a Philanthropic Token centered on Strategic giving of Airdrops and what i call Wavedrops (Heavy/Larger Airdrops) and as part of our plan we wish to know how we change the transaction fee from Waves to our own custom token as fee and we even plan to either remove fees or set it at zero.

  1. How is this possible please let me know

  2. We also plan to fork Waves as we see some use cases that will better our idea in Waves but with some little modification like changing Dex to DBC (Decentralised Built-in Converter) as we plan to setup a StableCoin through that we plans to absorb all form of money in its wake (complex but simple)

Please get back to me asap if possible via email [email protected]

I think this might be helpful:

And for fee sponsorship:

If you want to fork Waves and make your own chain theres documentation on it from Waves or try contacting @MrTurtle since he already has a forked Waves chain up and running.

For forking I can help yes.
Removing fees is never possible if u dont own the chain.
Also without fees there is no reason for nodes to run one

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Thanks for the prompt reply so how and where do we begin. I would have loved to customise the waves to our taste. Like I said we are building it for humanitarian purpose as the token is called the Poverty/Shithole Bailout Cryptocurrency/Token with Africa and all so called Shithole Countries in mind.

I guess you are a developer if so i would want to explain in details so you know where and how best we can achieve the exact custom token we desire so please email me at [email protected] and/or drop me your telegram handle so we can talk better. We plan to help a vast majority out of poverty.

You are actually calling some countries “SHITHOLE” ?