Tx fee Sponsoring for specific Asset ID how do i proceed


i want for my specific Asset ID:


to make

the next 1’000 Transactions for free or in other words “sponsored”

(costing 1 Waves = 1000 Tx)

How do I proceed

lets make this topic systematic and general so other developers can Benefit from it.


tx sponsorship should have more options

currently only option is,

taking the digital assets, token as transaction fee -> to the issuer/sponsorer

and he is being charged with waves for the transactions.

should be a better distinguishing of “sponsorship options”

like sponsoring next x amount of transactions

And can we cancel sponsorship? In later stages.

that would also be a good idea, there could be basically an acount with waves insided that is linked with paying all tx fees for asset xyz


Yes, you can disable sponsorship paying 1 Waves from your portfolio in Waves Client

For taking the time

thats the sponsoship way using the custom token, not the one i am asking here for.
i have the feeling the waves developer team has more proposals to work of than they have manpower to execute.


Hey, Arthur. I know what you mean.

As I said in another topic, we have to wait for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Read this topic too.